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Building tech for today,
Believing in digital empowerment 
a better future.
I am Burcin Gurbuz.


My bio

Burcin Gurbuz is an architect, technology entrepreneur and investor.

Gurbuz, founded GarageAtlas in 2015 and has lead numerous projects in the fields of VR/AR and innovative 3D technologies.  With a interdisciplinary vision and expertise in the global markets, he continues his works creating the next generation of Metaverse, Web3 and multi dimensional experiences with Atlas Space; a Metaverse for workspaces, with private and public 3D virtual spaces for different business verticals is a new opportunity for enterprises.

He is the founder of AtlasSpace, the metaverse platform for enterprises to merge the business world globally through Web3.0 capabilities; growing rapidly with global, large scale customers, universities and top notch technology partners with branhces in Miami, Seattle, Montreal, Istanbul.

Gurbuz also is a keynote speaker, instructor and advisor, sparking conversations on how humankind can shape and experience the future in the light of up and coming technologies.


I consult & train corporates
for Web3 technologies and future of work.

Web3 knocked the door already and companies will adopt this technology in near future if haven't already. Through our 8+ years of enterprise metaverse solutions experiences, I am pleased to help companies discover the use cases of this technology and possible effects to their company.

Here are some of the companies that we had Web3, Metaverse and Future of Work related sessions.


Professional Communities



About me

I am a father of one, being amazed observing him grow up in thunder speed.
Beyond my time and life with him, I'm mostly around;

Outdoor Recreation Offroading

Underwater Photography & Archaeology 

Image Processing Techniques

Humancentric Design Web3

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